CheatDevice for Vice City Stories

edisoncarter has released VCS CheatDevice 2.0 for Vice City Stories.

CheatDevice enables you to unlock various features, record videos/screenshots whilst in-game, and in general enhance your gaming experience. It was initially developed for GTA: Liberty City Stories and proved hugely popular with the users at our forum.

This is a preliminary ALPHA release for developers to start writing cheats with. This version includes all of Cheat Maker except for Construction Mode, plus a few of the built in cheats are enabled.

Vehicle Spawns – a lot of the vehicle numbers will crash. I didn’t put upper or lower limits on it yet, but when you get into objects like “cellphone”, you know it’ll crash if you try to spawn that. We need to start a list of what works and what crashes.

Step Through Walls – works.

Power Jump – this was so funny, I left it broken.

Screenshot – should work.

Video Recorder – should work.

Step Up/Down – works.

You need to run VCS through DevHook to use this. You can install the PRX by running the installer or read the instructions in readme.txt if you prefer to do it by hand.

– edisoncarter

You can download VCS CheatDevice here.

(Use CheatDevice at your own risk)

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