CheatDevice for Vice City Stories

edisoncarter has released VCS CheatDevice 2.0 for Vice City Stories. CheatDevice enables you to unlock various features, record videos/screenshots whilst in-game, and in general enhance your gaming experience. It was initially developed for GTA: Liberty City Stories and proved hugely popular with the users at our forum. This is a preliminary ALPHA release for developers to start writing cheats with. This

Cheat Device v1.0 Released

edisoncarter has released Cheat Device v1.0. Download Links: US/Canada version 1.0: CheatDevice10US.zip UK/EU version 1.0: CheatDevice10UK.zip Features: Hover cars Gather spell Full size video recorder Load outside staunton safehouse Drivable RC toys Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage Gangs no longer attack you Links: Maxbot, GTAForums Thread

Cheat Device v0.9 Released

v0.9 release notes: You’ll need to move your cheats.txt file into the cheats directory. This version can access any cheats files in the cheats directory by highlighting “File: …” and pressing left/right. They’re in the order of the files in the directory, so make sure you copy the file you want to come up first into the directory first. For

Cheat Device v0.7

edisoncarter has released Cheat Device v0.7 for GTA: Liberty City Stories. New Features: Bikes can drive on walls Gravity Freeze everything Gameplay speed Walking speed Flip over Unlimited heli flying height Cheat Maker Release Notes: Helicopters can now break the height limit. Gameplay Speed is the same thing that’s controlled by the Faster Gameplay and Slower Gameplay button cheats. In LCS,

CheatDevice v0.1 by edisoncarter

You heard me. Check it out! edison has implemented the following cheats to start off with – he tells us there are many more to come. Infinite Health and Armor Set Wanted Level Set Time Set Weather Spawn Anything Links: Forum Topic (info & download links), edisoncarter’s site

Park a heli in your garage

edisconarter has been experimenting with save game files for some time now, and he now tells us that he has finally managed to edit them. This enables him to make many adjustments to the game, one of which is being able to spawn a helicopter inside a garage: “There’s a lot of buildings without roofs to explore, and some city

New Cheats

edisoncarter has uncovered several new button cheats for Liberty City Stories. View all of them here and expect more to appear shortly. Related Links: edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

Button Cheats

edisoncarter has discovered the first ever valid cheat codes for Liberty City Stories. (We advise that you do not save with these cheats activated, as there is a risk of file corruption.) If you find out what the “unknown” cheats do, please let us know! More will be revealed shortly. Keep checking back for updates. Related Link: edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

GTA San Andreas PC Cheats

edisoncarter just sent me a whole bunch of GTA San Andreas PC cheats, currently untested. As with the PS2 version, there are multiple valid combinations for each cheat, so below we have listed the shortest possible combinations: “It could take some time to find the intended textual words.” edisoncarter The following cheats were not implemented: Drive On Water Do Nothing Hookers