New Official Site Update

This massive update features new MeTV clips, exclusive screenshots, a multiplayer section detailing all 10 multiplayer modes, a music section containing a sample track listing, and last but not least a brand new trailer. Linkage.

New Shots in Go>Play

Go>Play Magazine has a six-page preview of Vice City Stories, with various new shots – one of which shows the golfing mini-game being played. “But trust us when we say the soundtrack is just as good as it was in Vice City, which for many was the best thing about.” Check out this GTAForums topic for more info.

Insane Stunts Trailer

Head over to where they have brand new footage (30 seconds worth) showing insane stunt jumps in Vice City Stories. Thanks to for this one. Discuss.

New Screenies

The latest issue of PSW Magazine contains a 2 page feature on Vice City Stories with several new exclusive screenshots. There doesn’t appear to be any new info, however. Thanks to ja750 from our forums for providing these details. Related Link: GTAForums Topic

2 New Screenshots

Two new screenshots have emerged on Italian site, see them below: Related Links: GTAForums Topic By Budd;

New Info in PSM

gamerzworld (from our forum) has just recieved the November issue of PSM, which he says contains 5 new screenshots and some info about the new “Empire Building” feature. Here is a quick summary of what we know so far: There are six types of business you can run – protection, extortion, and prostitution, to name a few. Gordon Hall – president