1UP Preview

1UP are the latest site to preview Vice City Stories, and the latest site to get their hands on some exclusive never-before-seen screenshots (it’s just a pity the quality sucks). Check them out below: Related Links: 1UP Preview; GTAForums Topic

Two New Screenshots have recieved two new screenshots from R*, which you can see below: Link: (CVG)

IGN & EuroGamer Previews

IGN and EuroGamer have released new (and rather in-depth) previews of Vice City Stories, along with several brand new screenshots. Links: IGN Preview; EuroGamer Preview Update: There is also a new screenshot over at GamesRadar, check it out:

OPM Preview + New Screens

Official PlayStation Magazine (US) are the latest magazine to preview Vice City Stories, and along with the preview are two exclusive never-before-seen screenshots, so be sure to buy a copy if you want to see them. Related Link: GTAForums Topic

New Screenshots in EGM

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features two new screenshots of Vice City Stories – one showing an airliner, and the other showing a rocket launcher in use. Related Links: GameSpot; GTAForums Topic

IGN Interview With Gordon Hall

IGN have posted an interview with the president of R* Leeds aswell as a bunch of never-before-seen screenshots. Here is a quick sample of the interview: IGN: Will the targeting system remain the same mixture of manual and auto-targeting from Liberty City Stories, or have you made any major adjustments to the system? Has the combat system been changed at

Confirmed Vehicles List

ybakker – along with other members of our forum – have put together a list of confirmed vehicles in Vice City Stories, with images of each vehicle included. The list is updated regularly as new details emerge. Check it out!

Vice City Stories Delayed

We reported yesterday that Vice City Stories has been delayed in Germany until November 3rd. Now it seems this applies not only to Germany, but to the whole of the world. Today, UK retailers Play and Gameplay both changed the release dates on their sites to November 3rd, while Amazon lists the US release as October 30th – meaning a 13 day delay. In Australia, meanwhile, the release is currently