IGN Interview With Gordon Hall

IGN have posted an interview with the president of R* Leeds aswell as a bunch of never-before-seen screenshots. Here is a quick sample of the interview:

IGN: Will the targeting system remain the same mixture of manual and auto-targeting from Liberty City Stories, or have you made any major adjustments to the system? Has the combat system been changed at all?

Hall: Like all of versions, we have tweaked the existing targeting system. I wouldn’t call it a complete overhaul, but we definitely have taken a fresh look at it, particularly in regards to how it relates to the hand-to-hand combat system. The combat system has more depth to it than any other Grand Theft Auto game. The targeting mechanic has been tweaked, but the biggest change has been to unarmed combat – you can now perform grappling moves and throws, you can get on top of an opponent on the ground for ground domination, and more.

…and the new screenshots:

Click here to read the full interview!