IGN Interview with Rockstar Developers

IGN Interview with Rockstar Developers

We were treated to another interview yesterday in celebration of Red Dead Redemption’s 10 year anniversary, this time courtesy of IGN. They sat down with Rob Nelson and Josh Bass (studio heads of Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego respectively) as well as designers Ghyan Koehne and Silas Morse. Highlights include talking about the challenges they faced when creating a

GameZone Interview with Rob Wiethoff

GameZone Interview with Rob Wiethoff

Gaming industry editorial website GameZone have today published an interview with the one and only Rob Wiethoff, voice actor and motion capture of John Marston. The lucky editor had a 40 minute call with the frontiersman in celebration of Red Dead Redemption’s 10 year anniversary the other day. In the interview, Rob Wiethoff talks about how different he is from

Chatterbox: GTANet Interview with Vinewood_Motors

Chatterbox: GTANet Interview with Vinewood_Motors

Welcome to the first edition of GTANet’s Chatterbox, our new interview series where hosts uNi, Spider-Vice and Kirsty sit down and get personal with notable people from the GTANet and Rockstar Games community. From the well-loved to the unknown, Chatterbox is all-inclusive. And where better for Chatterbox to begin than with Vinewood_Motors, aka Josh. Community streamer, big time fan of

Dan Houser talks to the Associated Press

Rockstar’s creative vice president, Dan Houser, has provided a 90-minute preview of GTA IV to the Associated Press in New York. Although there aren’t any major new details, there are one or two minor points which we felt were worth highlighting. Houser talks briefly about his favourite mission in the game, which involves assassinating a character who’s laid up in

Iggy Pop in GTA IV?

In an interview by Crave Online, Iggy Pop has claimed that he is doing voice work for GTA IV. However the interview mainly focused on his music, so there wasn’t much else said about it. Here is the excerpt: Crave Online: This isn’t your first time doing a voiceover either. You did an episode of American Dad, right? Iggy Pop: Yeah I did. In

Dan Houser interviewed by Yahoo! Games & Xbox Live Content

So far it seems as though the “exclusive” content promised by Yahoo! Games was over hyped, understandably so with how they promoted it. The interview with Rockstar’s Vice President of Creative, Dan Houser, went live today, providing nothing new that we didn’t know already from recent previews and interviews. There is however one interesting bit… “[Niko] arrives in Liberty City,

Dan Houser Interview to debut June 27th on Yahoo! Games

Tension mounted yesterday as the hours went by with Yahoo! Games yet to post anything new GTA IV-related. Late that evening it turned out that all they provided was an article looking back at the previous GTA games… Tonight we still haven’t got anything new from them, but posted an article on “what we know so far”. In it they list an

More GTA IV details from Official PlayStation Magazine Australia

Yes, the calm before the storm is certainly over and it looks like we’re right in the middle of a real Nor’easter. The Australian edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine went out to subscribers recently, and as such offered them an exclusive preview on GTA IV. As we’ve said before, not many revelations will break through for a while, but a small

IGN Interview With Gordon Hall

IGN have posted an interview with the president of R* Leeds aswell as a bunch of never-before-seen screenshots. Here is a quick sample of the interview: IGN: Will the targeting system remain the same mixture of manual and auto-targeting from Liberty City Stories, or have you made any major adjustments to the system? Has the combat system been changed at

Rockstar Leeds Interview

IGN got a chance to interview Rockstar Leeds president Gordon Hall. There are also 3 new screenshots. Now that multiplayer is out there’s all kinds of things we’d love for you elaborate on. Are there any particularly cool technical aspects you could share with us? Why six players? GH: Six players seems to be the sweet spot for us. It’s