IGN Interview with Rockstar Developers

We were treated to another interview yesterday in celebration of Red Dead Redemption’s 10 year anniversary, this time courtesy of IGN. They sat down with Rob Nelson and Josh Bass (studio heads of Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego respectively) as well as designers Ghyan Koehne and Silas Morse.

Highlights include talking about the challenges they faced when creating a Red Dead game after the fast-paced world of GTA, their favourite moments of game design, and appreciating how much of an impact a western themed game had on the world.

“What surprised me was how Red Dead Redemption brought people into our medium who would otherwise never have given it a thought. We heard stories of consoles and games bought by people in their late 50s and 60s, not as gifts for their grandchildren but for themselves. For the generations of men and women who grew up watching western films and shows on television, Red Dead Redemption gave them an opportunity to live out those experiences. That sums up what makes RDR so special to me and what validated that the emotional connection was shared by others and far beyond our expectations.”

Josh Bass

It’s always neat hearing from the developers involved in such a masterpiece; after all they are at the heart of its’ creation.

Read the interview here