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IGN Interview with Rockstar Developers

IGN Interview with Rockstar Developers

We were treated to another interview yesterday in celebration of Red Dead Redemption’s 10 year anniversary, this time courtesy of IGN. They sat down with Rob Nelson and Josh Bass (studio heads of Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego respectively) as well as designers Ghyan Koehne and Silas Morse. Highlights include talking about the challenges they faced when creating a

Gamespot San Andreas Q&A session with Rockstar North pt. 2

Gamespot has posted another Q&A session with Rockstar North regarding game physics, AI and modding in the upcoming PC release. While most of the information will be old news for PS2 gamers (and quite a few PC gamers as well), technical details seem to have become much more “sophisticated” now that we’re enterting the PC realm: “The buoyancy forces that are applied

Official Xbox Magazine Preview

The June 2005 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine USA has started reaching the homes of subscribers. In it is a 6-page Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox preview we have had the opportunity to read. There are plenty of screenshots, albeit none new, as the new screenshots were all accidentally released recently in digital format. The article is one of the bigger previews