GameZone Interview with Rob Wiethoff

Gaming industry editorial website GameZone have today published an interview with the one and only Rob Wiethoff, voice actor and motion capture of John Marston. The lucky editor had a 40 minute call with the frontiersman in celebration of Red Dead Redemption’s 10 year anniversary the other day.

In the interview, Rob Wiethoff talks about how different he is from the man he gave his voice to, how he went into the series without knowing it was a videogame, and the emotions he felt during *that* ending all those years ago.

“One thing that stuck out to me was a lot of people were getting, you know, 10, 15, 20 pages and I got a, I got a book. *laughs* I don’t know how many pages I got, but I thought, ‘Oh, wow. Wow, alright.’ And so, our director came over and he said, ‘Yeah, you’re the playable character.’ And I said, ‘Awesome, that’s great.’ I had no idea what he was talking about.”

Rob Wiethoff

He sounds like a lovely fella!

Read the interview here