SPOILER: The “Mystery Girl”

Several months ago, Play Magazine (issue 118) revealed that a ‘mystery girl’, returning from a previous title, would appear in San Andreas. Rockstar have kept quiet, and the girl’s face was blacked out during demonstrations at Rockstar HQ. So who could it be? Well, we have Mercedes Cortez from Vice City (a huge favourite), Auntie Poulet, (although I’m not sure they’d make such fuss over her), Candy Suxx, perhaps, Maria, Catalina, and more!

But the question remains, who is it? PSM2 may probably have the answer:


The ‘mystery’ lady living in the country cabin (who had her face blacked out in our demo) used to live in Liberty City and – unless our memory is kaput – could be Maria (who er, died in GTA3) or, more likely, Catalina. Yes.

– PSM2 November 2004 issue

Okay, so pretty much everybody assumed Catalina anyway, but still, we now know that this character played a part in GTA3, which (basically) narrows it down to Catalina and Maria (Or, if you like, Misty, who really didn’t play a big part in the game).

Not to mention, the Liberty Tree website tells us that Catalina once lived (Remember San Andreas is set before GTA3) in “Los” somewhere, or “San” something or other.