Las Venturas & Two-Player Mode

In Las Venturas, all of the expected elements are in place, just not necessarily authentically. As you enter the city’s strip, you’re greeted with an abundance of flashing lights and casinos with pink flamingos. Of the three cities in the game, Las Venturas is without a doubt the most graphically impressive and by far the most immediately stunning.

There’s so much more to be revealed – There’s even talk of a top-secret two-player mode.

– GamesTM Issue 24

Whats that, a top-secret two-player mode? Righto, we do know that boat school, driving school and CJ throwing up are all confirmed features, so why not two-player? Anything is possible.

Meanwhile, Play Magazine UK tell us that Vice City took 12 months to develop, whilst San Andreas has taken upto 24. Think about that for a moment. Vice City was one of the best selling games ever, a sequel to the revolutionary GTA3. San Andreas has taken twice aslong to develop, and the map size has multipled by 5. Incredible, no? There’s still time – pre-order now!