las venturas

Las Venturas Walkthrough

Our walkthrough has been updated to include the Las Venturas missions, with (as normal) tips, strategies and a whole bunch of screenshots. There are just 9 missions to go, aswell as a few extra’s from the San Fierro category. The walkthrough should be completed within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates.

It’s Venturas, baby

With just a week to go before San Andreas goes on sale, Rockstar has finally revealed the Las Venturas section on the official site! Not only that, but the third trailer, entitled “Homecoming”, is online too. And, with that, I’m off to explore the site myself… New screenhots from the Las Ventura update added to the gallery; just in case the offical

Thursday Las Venturas Screenshots

IGN have added brand new screenshot of Las Venturas to their gallery. This is one of the first looks we have had at the gambling system. It shows the player playing Blackjack with the dealer, and winning. Go check it out! Gamespot have also added a new screenshot to their collection. The screenshot shows a dune buggy driving through the desert, and

Las Venturas & Two-Player Mode

In Las Venturas, all of the expected elements are in place, just not necessarily authentically. As you enter the city’s strip, you’re greeted with an abundance of flashing lights and casinos with pink flamingos. Of the three cities in the game, Las Venturas is without a doubt the most graphically impressive and by far the most immediately stunning. There’s so

Erm, Las Venturas?

It seems, the ‘official’ german website for San Andreas revealed more of the map than they were supposed to! Earlier today the main flash clip with Cesar would also allow you to see the Las Venturas area, now the mistake has been corrected. Unfortunately, we can no longer show you the images, and R* confirmed that the map is NOT accurate. As you