Minor GTA IV Details Emerge

Some new (relatively minor) details have emerged in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine (US): We find out that McReary’s first name is Francis, and that he knows about a felony Niko committed. It also mentions that McReary has a moustache, which suggests he is the character seen in this official artwork. The weapons on offer by Little Jacob

Community Spotlight: Analyzing GamesTM Article

Scrutinize, poke, prod, dissect, devour. These are the steps taken by loyal gamers who are looking to get the most out of exclusive preview content. GTAForums member “ya mum” has done just that, but on a larger scale, analyzing every bit of the GamesTM article that we featured a few days back. From article excerpts to image comparisons, “ya mum” has

World Exclusive GTA IV Preview in GamesTM

The August issue of GamesTM (a multi-format games magazine based in the UK) contains a world exclusive first look at the new gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV. Here’s a brief run-down on some of the new stuff mentioned: The demo begins in Grand Theft Auto IV’s equivalent of Times Square: Star Junction. There aren’t many pedestrians present at this time, but this

GamesTM Preview

GamesTM are the latest magazine to preview Vice City Stories, with the only new information being that Phil Cassidy will feature (because he was seen in one of the load screens), Binoculars can be used at any time, there is a new rocket launcher, and there is a far greater selection of boats to choose from. (Note: the Previews page has now

LCS: Release date revealed

Popular UK magazine “Games TM” is claiming that Rockstar have confirmed Liberty City Stories’ release date to be October of this year. Rockstar has confirmed that PSP title GTA: Liberty City Stories will arrive in October, shortly after Sony’s handheld’s European launch. Returning to GTA III’s Liberty City, players control Toni Cipriani, a character in GTA III. Cipriani will be voiced by

Las Venturas & Two-Player Mode

In Las Venturas, all of the expected elements are in place, just not necessarily authentically. As you enter the city’s strip, you’re greeted with an abundance of flashing lights and casinos with pink flamingos. Of the three cities in the game, Las Venturas is without a doubt the most graphically impressive and by far the most immediately stunning. There’s so

GamesTM Preview

New details about San Andreas emerge, as Australian magazine GamesTM publish a twelve-page preview. The article focuses on the linking of cities, and the areas between those cities, i.e the countryside and the twelve small towns. So if you follow a pedestrian, say in the morning he gets up, goes out of his house, you’ll see that they have a destination to