Community Spotlight: Analyzing GamesTM Article

Scrutinize, poke, prod, dissect, devour. These are the steps taken by loyal gamers who are looking to get the most out of exclusive preview content. GTAForums member “ya mum” has done just that, but on a larger scale, analyzing every bit of the GamesTM article that we featured a few days back.

From article excerpts to image comparisons, “ya mum” has developed interesting theories and drawn attention to the smallest of details. It’s an extensive, in-depth review of the entire GamesTM article, and is definitely worth a read.

(This isn’t the first time “ya mum” has completely dissected a preview article, though. Back in April, he also provided the GTAIV community with an equally extensive thread regarding the Game Informer preview. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? It’s another brilliant thread that shouldn’t be left to gather dust in the corner.)

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