Community Highlight: LA’s Most Entertaining Detective

Community Highlight: LA’s Most Entertaining Detective

Investigating crimes, especially in the 1940’s, involved a lot of travelling, reading newspapers and phonebooks, looking at physical pictures and asking people about events, which, for many, could be seen as one of the most boring jobs in the world. There was no CSI level tech to look into a crime, so, some detectives out there playing L.A. Noire may

Community Spotlight: GTAIV Factsheet

“USE THE [email protected]#$%ING SEARCH FUNCTION YOU NEWB”, “omg do u not read?”, “lolwtf, lock plz”. The GTAIV community can be a treacherous place – missteps of the uninformed can often prove to be fatal. Those who fail to stay on top of the latest news are often ripped to shreds by the severely tweaked masses. So, to save yourself a potential

Community Spotlight: Analyzing GamesTM Article

Scrutinize, poke, prod, dissect, devour. These are the steps taken by loyal gamers who are looking to get the most out of exclusive preview content. GTAForums member “ya mum” has done just that, but on a larger scale, analyzing every bit of the GamesTM article that we featured a few days back. From article excerpts to image comparisons, “ya mum” has