Community Highlight: LA’s Most Entertaining Detective

Investigating crimes, especially in the 1940’s, involved a lot of travelling, reading newspapers and phonebooks, looking at physical pictures and asking people about events, which, for many, could be seen as one of the most boring jobs in the world. There was no CSI level tech to look into a crime, so, some detectives out there playing L.A. Noire may prefer to create their own little world of entertainment amidst all the boredom.

This is exactly what Twitter user and R* community member RevDead2 has been doing for a while now in L.A. Noire VR, with great comedic timing, and I’d be willing to say her Cole Phelps is loving that new life of messing around with coworkers and residents of Los Angeles!

Using the VR version of the game, RevDead2 draws things, throws things at people, gives them pats in the back, fights, caresses them in times of sadness, or conversely annoys all of the police precinct… Check some of her stuff out below, because it’s well worth a watch for a hearty laugh and great banter.

When productivity isn’t at a high, Cole Phelps takes some time to break out his art skills on his own notebook. Some say he’s been practising this for so long that his notebook is now full of drawings of random characters and nothing at all about any of the cases. That’s one star for you at the end of the case, sir.

Going to the local diner also doesn’t have to be just about interrogating people or filling your tummy with food. Socialising with the locals is a great way to get known outside of the detectiving sphere. Especially when you just give them a wee pat in the head or cheeks. Face cheeks, of course.

Speaking of socialising with the locals, here’s a great summary of a lot of things this Cole Phelps has done around the city, perhaps annoying his coworkers and the locals more than anything! PS: The ending of this one is absolutely worth it. Poor Roy. Or nasty, nasty rude Roy.

I absolutely urge you to check out all of RevDead2’s clips in L.A. Noire VR, as it just shows how much more quirky some games in VR can get, especially when you can make up your own stories about them. Why do things as intended when you can just throw objects at people and hug them?! She also makes some pretty cool art of L.A. Noire if that’s your thing!

PPS: Apologies for our absence, the last year has done a bit of a number on us (for obvious reasons)… We have some more interesting things in the pipeline such as a new Chatterbox interview that we hope to be posting soon!