Community Spotlight: GTAIV Factsheet

“USE THE !@#$%ING SEARCH FUNCTION YOU NEWB”, “omg do u not read?”, “lolwtf, lock plz”.

The GTAIV community can be a treacherous place – missteps of the uninformed can often prove to be fatal. Those who fail to stay on top of the latest news are often ripped to shreds by the severely tweaked masses. So, to save yourself a potential lynching, I recommend the Grand Theft Auto IV Factsheet.

The factsheet is a delightful thread. It contains all of the official information that has been released in previews, compressed and compiled for easy reading. In fact, if the GTAIV community were a party, the Factsheet would be the equivalent to an easy-peasy method of getting shitfaced in a hurry. So even if you’re thirty minutes late, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

So put on your happy face and get reading!

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