Community Spotlight: GTA IV Forum Directory

Every phonebooth needs a phonebook. Every archive needs an index. Without directories to keep our information organized, we’d be pretty screwed. After all, how the hell are you going to order pizza when you’re too smashed to go and pick it up yourself? The same can be said for fansite message boards. When you’re too smashed to poke through the dozens of threads discussing the finer points of steak, simply pop into the directory and find the thread you need in a matter of seconds. (Or minutes, if you’re really out of it.)

Practically a Community Spotlight of its own, this weekend’s feature is held in high regard around the GTA IV forum. Listing a plethora of worthwhile topics and concise summaries of said topics, the GTA IV Forum Directory will direct you (yar har har) towards a wide range of different discussions regarding GTA IV. If you’ve never checked out the GTA IV forum before, this is the thread that you need to read to keep yourself in the loop.

In fact, our two latest Community Spotlight features go quite well together, and work as a one-two punch for anyone who is just jumping on the GTA IV train. While the GTA IV Factsheet – this past week’s feature – will keep you up-to-date with knowledge and information about GTA IV, the Forum Directory will keep you up-to-date with knowledge and information about the forum itself.

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Community Spotlight is a reoccurring (twice weekly) feature of, highlighting some of the hottest and most interesting topics from the GTAForums Community regarding the upcoming release of GTA IV. Want to nominate a thread for Community Spotlight? Check out the Community Spotlight thread over on GTAForums for details.