Gamespot Feature: Tales from San Fierro

The Gamespot San Andreas weekend preview has just gone up, with 6 exclusive screenshots, following IGN’s Welcome to San Fierro feature.

Rockstar North’s crazy expansion of the groundbreaking gameplay elements introduced in GTA III are looking to be equally profound in this installment of the series.

– Ricardo Torres, Gamespot
  • In the centre of the Cobra Martial Arts dojo of San Fierro is the sensei inside a ring. Once you can get him in a conversation, you will be able to learn from him.
  • At the start of the game CJ is equipped for fighting with what he knows from the streets. Going to dojos gives him new fighting styles, and you will be able to go back to different dojos to learn different styles. You will not be able to get back CJ’s original street fighting style.
  • There are buildings which are slowly rebuilding in the city, victims of an earthquake.
  • Cinematic stunt features are back (without surprise).
  • New audio features include echos in closed spaces on a cargo ship.

The article covers a lot of what we’ve already found out from print previews, including car customisation, the 3 San Fierro demo missions, the stealth feature and the climbing obstacles feature. Gamespot were given some little things to expand on:

  • Your first safehouse will be CJ’s mother’s old house. Here you will be able to save your game (in an icon the shape of a floppy disk) and change your clothes.
  • As the game moves on, more safehouses will be available to you, some of which you will have to purchase.
  • In CJ’s apartment there is a naked picture of Candy Suxxx on the wall, just as in Tommy’s office in VC.
  • By drawing a weapon and pressing L1 you will be able to view your skill level with that weapon. You will start out with “Poor” with all weapons, but will be able to progress to “Gangster” and even “Hitman.”
  • Walking up to a red marker in front of a schooling facility, you will be able to partake in challenges of the school and increase your proficiency in that area. (For example driving school and boating school)
  • Cranberry Station of San Fierro will be a place where you can see trains. As opposed to sitting inside as a passenger and travelling around, you will also be able to jack the train and perform freight train missions, which consist of you driving trains to the right station to drop off cargo.
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Weapon Skills

  • The quickest way to upgrade skill levels will be to go to a Ammu-Nation with a shooting range and participate in competitions there.
  • As you gain your weapon skills, bonuses will be awarded. You will be able to fire quicker, steadier, and you will be able to run/strafe while holding two weapons for example. (Gamespot, at this point, brings the example of holding a sawed-off double barreled shotgun in each hand and what a mess you can create with these.)

Driving & Boating School

  • You will be able to go to driving school, where you will learn how to control your vehicle better. You will be able to control where you put the weight of your vehicle while in mid-air, how to make controlled stops, drive with your tires shot out and so on.
  • In boat school you will be able to increase your boating skills. While earning points for completing goals, points will be deducted for boat damage.

Train Missions

  • While in control of a train, you have two controls: stop and go. Inside trains you will also be presented with a time limit for freight train missions, distance to train station and speed.
  • Freight train missions pay a lot, but they’re fairly complicated to master since you have to adhere to a tight time schedule, and driving fast on corners will derail your train.