IGN Feature Part 2: Pushing the Limits

IGN have posted the second part of their huge feature which began on Saturday, which looks at the making of Grand Theft Auto IV. This time it’s 9 pages long, and they talk to Dan Houser and Aaron Garbut about various aspects of the gameplay including multiplayer and downloadable content. Be sure to check it out along with the 5 new screenshots they have

IGN Feature: Building a Brave New World

IGN got an opportunity to interview Dan Houser (Rockstar’s VP of Creative) and Aaron Garbut (Rockstar North’s Art Director) about the making of Grand Theft Auto IV. You can read the first part of the feature now, which contains 11 pages in total. It discusses the origins of the storyline, the creation of Niko Bellic, the new dynamic relationship system, and lastly

IGN: A New Breed of Action

IGN have posted a new feature titled ‘Grand Theft Auto IV: A New Breed of Action’. The article looks at combat in GTA IV, and is based on the 90-minute preview session they were given by Rockstar two weeks ago. There doesn’t appear to be any [obvious] new info in it, but it’s probably worth a read nevertheless. “What we’ve seen

New Screenies

The latest issue of PSW Magazine contains a 2 page feature on Vice City Stories with several new exclusive screenshots. There doesn’t appear to be any new info, however. Thanks to ja750 from our forums for providing these details. Related Link: GTAForums Topic

OPM2UK feature on Vice City Stories

G’day, folks. Official Playstation2 Magazine (UK) is the second publication to feature information on Vice City Stories, less than a week after Australian GamePRO got the first hands-on look at the new Grand Theft Auto title. Most of the content is familiar ground, and echoes the details given by GamePRO – however, there are a handful of specifics that we’re

San Andreas XBOX Feature at IGN

IGN have posted 8 new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox screenshots, all of which focus on the eating/working-out aspect of the game. We are expecting a preview to go along with it shortly. Stay tuned. Update: The preview has gone live, and is the first of a 3-part set of articles IGN will be doing over the weekend.

Gamespot Feature: Tales from San Fierro

The Gamespot San Andreas weekend preview has just gone up, with 6 exclusive screenshots, following IGN’s Welcome to San Fierro feature. Rockstar North’s crazy expansion of the groundbreaking gameplay elements introduced in GTA III are looking to be equally profound in this installment of the series. – Ricardo Torres, Gamespot In the centre of the Cobra Martial Arts dojo of San Fierro