Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK Preview

The Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK has included a four page San Andreas preview in their November issue (#52). There are no new screenshots, but we were able to squeeze some new info out:

  • Included in the game will be hundreds of interiors.
  • There will be a non-pilotable nuclear submarine in San Andreas. (Perhaps docked in the harbor somewhere!)
  • In order to learn new moves in the gym, you will have to beat the master of the specific sport you are learning (eg. Dojo, boxing).
  • You will be able to dig holes in the desert. (Purpose unknown)
  • Using the Pay ‘n Spray will not overwrite any previous custom paint jobs you have from Transfender.
  • While crouched, you will still be able to strafe, roll and shuffle.
  • Trees, branches and bushes break if they are hit hard enough.
  • You can also knock down fences with enough power.
  • You can set fire to buildings.

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