OPM2UK feature on Vice City Stories

G’day, folks. Official Playstation2 Magazine (UK) is the second publication to feature information on Vice City Stories, less than a week after Australian GamePRO got the first hands-on look at the new Grand Theft Auto title. Most of the content is familiar ground, and echoes the details given by GamePRO – however, there are a handful of specifics that we’re

World’s First Details on GTA Liberty City Stories

The new Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK has had the first look at Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in this month’s edition. A subscriber on our forums brings us the first real details: You will play as Tony Cipriani, who you might remember as being one of your bosses in GTA3. Tony Cipriani is back in Liberty City after laying low.

Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK Preview

The Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK has included a four page San Andreas preview in their November issue (#52). There are no new screenshots, but we were able to squeeze some new info out: Included in the game will be hundreds of interiors. There will be a non-pilotable nuclear submarine in San Andreas. (Perhaps docked in the harbor somewhere!) In order to learn new moves in the

Play UK and OPS2M Australia November Issues

Both Play Magazine UK and Official Playstation 2 Magazine Australia have done new San Andreas previews. The bulleted lists strike again! From Play UK: R* reckon that it takes 100 hours to complete the main story missions. Cop helicopter fly around the cities, searching for criminals even when you havent got any stars. Kung fu, boxing street fighting can all be learnt, once you have learnt