First Voice Actor for GTA IV Announced

While we’ve seen some tremendous voice talent in past Grand Theft Auto games, this is still something Rockstar Games tend to not make an emphasis about, or even use it as a way to market their games, as similar game publishers tend to do. Even so, we have news today about the first voice actor announced for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Another (Possible) GTA IV Soundtrack Leak

The local evening post gazette from Lancashire has published an interview with a musician called Kurgan Merrick. Among his listing of future projects, he mentions that he has been contacted to record a song for “the latest Grand Theft Auto game” soundtrack. “I was contacted by someone who has heard my songs on the website. They wanted a track they could use on

Early San Andreas PC Screenshots

Updated: These screenshots are coming from Nav Omicron on the Something Awful forums. Apparently “there were 3-4 copies at the 24 hour Wal-mart Supercenter on I-30 in Garland Tx.” This news post will be updated with new screenshots as they arrive. Just as with Vice City, it seems that some stores have started selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the

Erm, Las Venturas?

It seems SanAndreas.de, the ‘official’ german website for San Andreas revealed more of the map than they were supposed to! Earlier today the main flash clip with Cesar would also allow you to see the Las Venturas area, now the mistake has been corrected. Unfortunately, we can no longer show you the images, and R* confirmed that the map is NOT accurate. As you

Trailer Has Arrived!

I know we said it’d be here tomorrow, but hell, MTV couldn’t wait. It was just posted in MTV.com’s news article “New ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Keeps It Gangsta On The West Coast”. This piece features a rather brief summary of the game thus far, but holds the prize we’ve been talking about for weeks: the trailer! In it we see the

Fake Internet Track Leaks & Confirmed Soundtrack News

In a press release from OPS2 themselves, it’s been revealed that the tracklisting which leaked on the internet and presented as fact recently really just turned out to be a magazine wishlist. “No sooner had we scribbled down our kill-along wish list than it turned up all over the internet. Only it was reported as fact,” says a rep from

New Magazine Previews Leak

We’ll get summaries up for you as soon as possible, meanwhile you might want to check relevant links at our GTAForums.com. Official PS2 Magazine AU July 2004 San Andreas Preview– Props to Dead at 4PM for bringing this to our attention. Power Unlimited NL July 2004 San Andreas Preview– Props to Denniz for the scans and once again Dead at 4PM for bringing this