Official Standalone Soundtrack Press Release

This news piece was originally meant to be posted yesterday, when I was sent Take2’s press release concerning the San Andreas 8-CD box set, but due to some minor complications this news is reaching you today.

The official 8-CD box set containing the full San Andreas soundtrack is scheduled to be arriving in stores on December 7th in North America and December 6th throughout Europe. The box set will contain seperate CDs for Bounce FM, Radio Los Santos / Playback FM, Mastersounds 98.3, K-ROSE, CSR 103:9, K-JAH West, K-DST and Radio X.

In addition the licensed tracks in the 8-CD box set, you will be hearing the great radio commercials and DJ commentary that is unique to the Grand Theft Auto series. So if you’re a fan of the music from the 90’s, or if you’re a fan of the GTA series, this soundtrack set should definitely set you up with enough diverse music from the time period.

The release of the box set will be following the release of the double CD soundtrack, expected to reach retailers on the 22nd of November in Europe, and 23rd of November in North America. The double CD soundtrack also features a 22-minute bonus DVD entitled ‘The Introduction,’ a cinematic prologue to the San Andreas storyline. A definite must-see for San Andreas fans.

You can find more information on the soundtrack on our soundtrack page, and if you are interested, you can also order either the 8-CD box set or the double CD soundtrack today.