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Lee “Scratch” Perry Passes Away Aged 85

Lee “Scratch” Perry Passes Away Aged 85

Per Rolling Stone earlier today, Reggae and Dub legend and genre reinventer Lee “Scratch” Perry has passed away today, aged 85. The cause of death was unknown at press time and it was announced by the Prime Minister of Jamaica in a Tweet. Born in 1936 in Jamaica, he was one of the biggest names in the Reggae scene, being

GTA4.Net Progress

Incase you haven’t already noticed, two new links have been added to the navigation at the top. We now have dedicated pages for Missions and Vehicles. Our Missions page summarises everything we know so far about the missions in Grand Theft Auto IV, and contains dialogue from the two missions (“Final Interview” and “Call and Collect”) previewed by the gaming press last year. Our Vehicles

New Official Site Update

This massive update features new MeTV clips, exclusive screenshots, a multiplayer section detailing all 10 multiplayer modes, a music section containing a sample track listing, and last but not least a brand new trailer. Linkage.

New Preview in GamesMaster (UK)

We reported last month that UK magazine GamesMaster would feature a preview of Vice City Stories in their upcoming issue, and today we managed to learn of it’s contents. There are no new screenshots – and a majortiy of the details we already know – but there are a few interesting bits that are worth mentioning: One of the radio songs

Official Standalone Soundtrack Press Release

This news piece was originally meant to be posted yesterday, when I was sent Take2’s press release concerning the San Andreas 8-CD box set, but due to some minor complications this news is reaching you today. The official 8-CD box set containing the full San Andreas soundtrack is scheduled to be arriving in stores on December 7th in North America and December

IGN’s Breakdown of San Andreas Radio Stations

IGN is continuing their in-depth breakdown of the San Andreas radio stations, which basically consist of a description of the radio station at hand, and paragraphs about the different songs on those radio stations. So far IGN has managed to publish 4 pieces of their series, including K-DST, Bounce FM, Radio Los Santos and Playback FM. If you’re interested in reading about the music played

SPOILERS: OPM Review & New info!

Note: This news post contains full radio track listings and Voiceactor lists. If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further. The Official Playstation Magazine (US) were first to review GTA: San Andreas, and it recieved Game of the Month with a whopping 5 out of 5. They also revealed tons of new information, including voiceactors, gameplay info, radio listings and an