Lee “Scratch” Perry Passes Away Aged 85

Per Rolling Stone earlier today, Reggae and Dub legend and genre reinventer Lee “Scratch” Perry has passed away today, aged 85. The cause of death was unknown at press time and it was announced by the Prime Minister of Jamaica in a Tweet.

Born in 1936 in Jamaica, he was one of the biggest names in the Reggae scene, being touted as a genre reinventer by many. Part of The Upsetters, Lee “Scratch” Perry had several hits in GTA games spanning from GTA: London 1969, to having another in K-JAH West from GTA San Andreas, to being the host of the Blue Ark radio station in GTA V.

In Grand Theft Auto, he featured as:

  • The Upsetters – Return of Django (Bush Sounds, GTA: London 1969);
  • The Upsetters – Dollar in the Teeth (Bush Sounds, GTA: London 1969);
  • Max Romeo & The Upsetters – Chase the Devil (video above, K-JAH West, GTA San Andreas);
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – I am a Madman (Blue Ark, GTA V);
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Disco Devil (Blue Ark, GTA V);
  • The Upsetters – Grumblin’ Dub (Blue Ark, GTA V);
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Money Come and Money Go (Blue Ark, GTA V);
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Roast Fish & Cornbread (Blue Ark, GTA V).

We send our condolences to family and friends, and may he rest in peace, knowing that he will be remembered for all the contributions he’s done to the Reggae scene, in and out of Grand Theft Auto games.

You can check out more info on all his contributions in the Rolling Stone article.