Lee “Scratch” Perry Passes Away Aged 85

Lee “Scratch” Perry Passes Away Aged 85

Per Rolling Stone earlier today, Reggae and Dub legend and genre reinventer Lee “Scratch” Perry has passed away today, aged 85. The cause of death was unknown at press time and it was announced by the Prime Minister of Jamaica in a Tweet. Born in 1936 in Jamaica, he was one of the biggest names in the Reggae scene, being

Violent Videogames lead to drugs and alcohol?

“According to a study conducted by University of California’s Dr. Sonya Brady and University of Pittsburgh professor, Karen Matthews, men that have just played violent video games (e.g. Grand Theft Auto III) are more likely to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.” Hmm, yeah, ok. Source: Joystiq

Another Jack Thompson Lawsuit

Following a school shooting today in Roseburg, Oregon, Jack Thompson sent out another one of his classic press releases: Immediate News Release — February 23, 2006 Another Homicide Linked, by a Prosector/District Attorney (!) to Violent Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Video Game. Wrongful Death Action Against Game Companies Expected to Be Filed Soon. Miami attorney Jack Thompson, who appeared

Federal Anti-Game Legislation: Your Tax Dollars at Work

In a rather unsurprising turn of events, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Lieberman have just announced new legislation to help keep kids safe from those awful video games. Well, mostly from GTA it seems, as the press release explicitly mentions Rockstar and GTA repeatedly. To put it simply, The Family Entertainment Protection Act seeks to put the force of law behind the ESRB’s

GTA: Cause of All Evils

Today I decided to take a look around my news sources, and alas I found that news containing “Grand Theft Auto” was posted almost every hour. I was rather surprised by what I found. Here is a selection of snippets from various articles. During a public hearing, Love held up a held up a copy of the popular game Grand

GTA PSP expectations

PSM2 (UK) have published a two-page feature on GTA PSP in their latest issue, with their expectations on how the project will be tackled: Gameplay Rockstar president Sam Houser was quoted saying “Sony’s extremely impressive technology has allowed Rockstar Leeds to do more on a handheld machine than we could have ever imagined”, virtually guaranteeing that the game will be

Take2: GTA on PSP This Spring

Looks like Rockstar and Take2 are wasting no time in getting yet another GTA title out into the market. We reported before on GTA confirmed for the PSP, and today comes the press announcement from Take 2 Games. New York, NY – January 10, 2005 – Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is proud to announce Midnight

Grand Theft Auto Confirmed for the PlayStation Portable

Gaming Horizon has brought conclusive evidence about Rockstar indeed bringing the GTA franchise to the PSP platform. Rumors have been circulating the internet about a GTA on PSP ever since the press release by Take2 confirmed in December that Rockstar will be bringing two of its premier brands to the PSP. Sam Houser, Vice President of Rockstar Games has confirmed that

Paving the Way to the ‘Big Screen’

It seems that every time a successful GTA game is released, gossip pages start whispering hints and writing articles to their writers about a possible Grand Theft Auto movie. I’m sure you can find news on our older sites and about the same thing, and it seems Variety Magazine has decided it’s time to write another article about bringing video