Paving the Way to the ‘Big Screen’

It seems that every time a successful GTA game is released, gossip pages start whispering hints and writing articles to their writers about a possible Grand Theft Auto movie. I’m sure you can find news on our older sites and about the same thing, and it seems Variety Magazine has decided it’s time to write another article about bringing video games to the big screen.

Rockstar’s plans are less clear, but the company has reportedly snubbed interest from major players including Tony Scott and Eminem, and there are hints it may be working on its own script as well. Its execs were also unavailable for comment.

Variety Magazine

We can assure our readers that this is nothing but gossip and has been written with gaining readers in mind. There have been murmurings about a GTA movie ever since GTA3 hit it big, and possibly even before that, but the only Grand Theft Auto movie that has seen it past the rumors was released in 1977.

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UPDATE: You can see some quotes from Rockstar regarding a possible GTA movie on