Minor Updates & New Chat Server

With the holiday season having just passed and people still recovering from the parties, it’s a rather slow time for GTA news. There are of course the continuing allegations of San Andreas encouraging violence, but I think we’ve all seen enough of those and there’s no need to post every single one of them.

In other news, our chat network has expanded and now harbors an extra server, sponsored by WebHost-IT (thanks a lot guys!), which should provide more stability. Come and join us in #gta on irc.GTANET.com, or if you don’t have an IRC client installed, use our web-based client at GTANet.com.

We’ve also setup a small splash page at GTANet.com, which can be used as a portal for our network. On the technical side, our GTASanAn.com domain now points to GTASanAndreas.net, but all your bookmarks and previous links should still work, and redirect straight to GTASanAndreas.net. And last but not least, the artwork piece from the San Andreas contest page has been added to the artwork page.