Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto IV!

Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto IV!

On this day in 2008, Rockstar released one of the most well-received GTA games to date. That would be Grand Theft Auto IV. A darker and grittier entry to the GTA series, it was announced in 2006 at E3, with a trailer coming in March of the following year, revealing what Niko Bellic was searching for in Liberty City… Perhaps

Welcome to – A Small Change!

Welcome to – A Small Change!

Just a quick heads up and to clear up any confusion. Due to unexpected circumstances, this website now sits back in our original home of You may notice a few missing links or broken images for a few days, but we’ll be patching things up ASAP. Other than that, it’s business as usual. Thanks to all our new and

GTA Netcast Episode #3

Approximately two months ago, I pitched an idea to the rest of the staff here at GTANet: we should make a podcast. It took a few weeks to get underway, but we finally got around to recording our first episode. (It was crap.) So we gave it another try… and it was better. Now we’re going even further with the third

GTA4.Net Progress

Incase you haven’t already noticed, two new links have been added to the navigation at the top. We now have dedicated pages for Missions and Vehicles. Our Missions page summarises everything we know so far about the missions in Grand Theft Auto IV, and contains dialogue from the two missions (“Final Interview” and “Call and Collect”) previewed by the gaming press last year. Our Vehicles

Server move

GTANet has just last week moved to entirely new servers. Almost all sites have sprung back up since the move, however due to reorganisation of images & downloads, all users will find they are greeted with a 403-Forbidden error when downloading from GTAGarage. Screenshots will also return the same error, and therefore none can be viewed anywhere on the site.

Is that tumbleweed?

Things have been quiet around here for far too long. After the announcement of GTA IV�s delay and the predictable reaction from the community, it�s as if everything just came to a standstill. Recently, there�s been a significant lack of news to cover. Most fansites are turning to filler as a crutch to lean on. And for those of us

Site Updates

Last week, Adriaan briefly mentioned that we added a new GTA IV screenshot gallery, with all the latest high-quality screens. Along with this, we have setup an artwork gallery containing all of the GTA 4 artwork and logos, and also a characters page, detailing the characters we know about so far. These pages will be constantly updated as soon as new information arrives, so be

Pre-Trailer Real-Time Chatroom

We’ll be hosting an IRC chatroom for real-time anticipation and discussion prior to and during the release of the trailer. You can join into the GTANet internet relay chat room by going to our chat room applet and selecting GTA Chat. Or if you know how to operate mIRC, the server you want to connect to is and the room is