Trailer Day Plans and Staff Addition

In 2 days and then some hours the GTA IV trailer will be revealed. According to the drastic rise in activity at our GTA4 forums, this is an event the fans are eagerly awaiting. If you’re planning on staying up on Thursday night (or Friday morning if you’re east of Europe) to see the trailer the moment it is revealed, you

Welcome to GTA4.NET

Welcome to GTA4.NET, the latest addition to the GTANET family. Even though we barely know anything about GTA4, we decided it would be a good idea to get a head start and put up a multi-page site and do away with the single-page information site we had before. The design and content is preliminary and will undoubtedly be undergoing many

Vice City Stories Discussion

Not registered at Registering is fast, free and easy and allows you to instantly reply to any topic on the boards. Why wait? Click here to register your own unique username and become part of the ever-growing community! Some of the topics being discussed this week: Main Character Poll – Who do you think will be the main character in Vice City

Artwork Gallery Updated

flore (from our forums) has done a good job of extracting/tidying up the artwork contained in the official boxart which was released yesterday. Check it out.. Link: Artwork Gallery

Racing Battle 2006 Winners Announced

Yesterday saw the winners of the GTAForums Racing Battle unveiled. The contest, organised amongst the vehicle modellers of GTAF, required entrants to model from scratch a race or street car modified to their tastes. The final entries had to be under 20,000 polys, using only 2 512×512 pixel textures, and one 1024×1024. And the 5 winning entries: .59 Reverse and groundride were

GTAF Battlefield 2 Server

Looking for something to play online while you wait for either SA:MP or some official multiplayer action from Rockstar? Well, if you have a copy of Battlefield 2, some of the staff and members at GTAForums chipped in and got a heavy duty dedicated server to play with. If you feel like stopping by for a match, the server details are

Walkthrough Update

Seeing as there hasn’t been much news lately, I spent some time upgrading our mission walkthrough. All screenshots are now from the PC version of San Andreas and are at a much higher resolution, so be sure to check them out.

Liberty City Stories: Site Launch

I present to you: GTA: Liberty City Stories, the newest addition to the GTANET family. There isn’t much to see at the moment, but we’ll naturally be adding new sections for weapons, vehicles, and whatnot, so keep checking back for news and info as it develops. (Please note that the current layout is only temporary, a new design is being worked

Talk about LCS!

As the release date draws closer, more details are beginning to emerge and more people are talking about GTA: Liberty City Stories. GTANET offer two methods of chat: You can register FREE at – the largest Grand Theft Auto community on the net – and discuss Liberty City Stories at our dedicated section along with gamers just like yourself. You can also discuss Liberty City Stories LIVE through GTANET