GTA Netcast Episode #3

Approximately two months ago, I pitched an idea to the rest of the staff here at GTANet: we should make a podcast. It took a few weeks to get underway, but we finally got around to recording our first episode. (It was crap.) So we gave it another try… and it was better. Now we’re going even further with the third episode of the GTA Network’s official podcast, the GTA Netcast.

From here on out, we’ll be broadcasting the recording session live over USTREAM.TV once a week. (The regular audio-only podcast will then be released the following day (give or take) after editing and cleanup has been done.) Thanks to the live stream, you’ll be able to listen to us in real time, all while watching little ol’ me host the show from my apartment. Fun stuff, eh?

Check out the GTA Netcast channel on USTREAM.TV to join in on the conversation and become part of the GTANet podcast! Don’t forget to check out the GTA Netcast topic on GTAForums, while you’re at it.

Thanks for checking out the broadcast! We’ll be posting up an edited version of the podcast ASAP. Cheers!