Community Spotlight: Grand Theft Podcast

Community Spotlight: Grand Theft Podcast

Cool stuff in the Rockstar Community can sometimes get lost like a needle in a haystack, unless the right people share it on a feed, timeline or forum for the rest of us to see. In this case, I recently came across this little gem after the founders followed my account on Twitter, and I thought it’d be a nice

GTAV.net Podcast Episode 2

There’s nothing we enjoy more at GTANet than talking about GTA V, so it’s a treat when long-time fans and GTAForums members meta187 and Pusher get together for a chinwag and let us hear their thoughts and reviews of any recent headlines regarding the upcoming game. For the second episode of the series so far, fellow forumer Voodoo joins the

New GTAV.net Podcast! Episode 1

With the release of GTA V a mere four months away, we felt a need to take a moment out this weekend to launch GTANetwork’s first official podcast #001 to comment on our thoughts and impressions in regards to all of the new information and how the GTAF Community is processing their thoughts over the revealed features and details as well as

Get ready.

Three new character trailers, online previews, screenshots… and more. That’s happening this week. As tweeted by the Epsilon Program, on Monday there will be a “unique opportunity” for fans. The tweet went out at 12pm EST on Sunday, so adding the 24 hours it mentioned, we can expect to find out more at the same time on Monday. Here’s a countdown.

GTA Netcast Episode #3

Approximately two months ago, I pitched an idea to the rest of the staff here at GTANet: we should make a podcast. It took a few weeks to get underway, but we finally got around to recording our first episode. (It was crap.) So we gave it another try… and it was better. Now we’re going even further with the third

3 GTA IV Trailers in Total

UPDATE: R* haven’t finalized any plans for a definitive number of trailers yet. That is exactly what they told us when we asked them to comment. The latest “1UP Yours” podcast has a snippet from John Davison who recently saw the new IV demo at R*. He said that the latest demo focuses on an updated version of Broker (the area