Get ready.

Three new character trailers, online previews, screenshots… and more. That’s happening this week.

As tweeted by the Epsilon Program, on Monday there will be a “unique opportunity” for fans. The tweet went out at 12pm EST on Sunday, so adding the 24 hours it mentioned, we can expect to find out more at the same time on Monday. Here’s a countdown.

Then, on Tuesday at 11am Eastern (see countdown), we’ll have three new character trailers. While we don’t know any specifics, perhaps these examples for GTA IV could be a hint.

On Thursday, starting at 12pm EST/5pm BST (we’ll have a countdown timer up) we’ll get to read more details on the game through previews from various publications around the world based on a 90 minute preview session. Rockstar have told us that these previews will contain a “significant amount of new information” on the game, and that fans will be “very pleased”.

Like with the online previews of last year, we’ll have links to all previews – along with the new screenshots. We’ll also have a bullet pointed summary of all the new information. From experience over the years, some previews mention something which another did not (which may come from a non-English based article) – so do make sure you check out our list after you’ve read enough articles! We’ll make sure to fact-check them with Rockstar to avoid any wrong information through mistranslation.

While you wait (and pardon my language) prepare your cum face for things starting tomorrow, do have a look at these two awesome fan videos:

The History of Grand Theft Auto

Produced by the guys at Gamerspawn, this excellent documentary takes a look at the history of the series that we all love. Whether you are a long-time aficionado or newcomer to the series, it provides an interesting background from the initial design document and concept, all the way to the multi-billion, mansion buying, revenue generating cash-cow that is GTA.

For the love of money (Part II)

Part two of an incredibly well produced wish-list by members of the GTA Forums community, this video gives a few interesting ideas for GTAV (or future GTAs), with hilarious bits throughout. We particularly liked the hidden package idea.