New GTAV Previews Coming May 2nd

Update: Since we’ve written this article, gaming websites (CVG, Game Informer and more) have started to announce next week’s previews, which will hit the web on Thursday May 2nd. We’ve also been told that these previews will contain signifcant new information, and that GTA fans will be VERY pleased. Stick to, as we’ll have a summary and links to all of next week’s previews from around the globe once they go online.

Original Article: Earlier this week, we’ve been hearing some buzz about new previews for GTAV scheduled to go online next week. Today, we’ve been hearing more of this.

While over the last couple of years we’ve generally chosen to stay away from V rumors, we think this one is VERY credible to report on! Some of you may remember that for GTA IV we were spot on whenever it came to similar reporting on imminent previews…

We don’t really know anything on the specifics of these previews, other than that they’ll contain new information on the game. Previews generally tend to come with new screenshots to go along, so we have our fingers crossed for that, as well.

Much like last November, it seems we’re heading for another explosive blow-out on more V information and images. The only difference: instead of just one trailer, we’ll be getting three character trailers!

We also noticed that CVG is running a poll for most anticipated game of 2013. The poll is not very functional, and kind of confusing at first, but make sure to vote for GTAV on this page! Remember, 10 is the highest score (meaning, you’re just as super excited as we are).