New Podcast! Episode 1

With the release of GTA V a mere four months away, we felt a need to take a moment out this weekend to launch GTANetwork’s first official podcast #001 to comment on our thoughts and impressions in regards to all of the new information and how the GTAF Community is processing their thoughts over the revealed features and details as well as the three new protagonists trailers and the sort of feeling they left us with.

You’ve heard all the gaming publications and industry insiders comment on the 30 minute game demo Rockstar Games provided and allowed to be publicly shared on May, 2nd 2013, in the form of several resulting articles and screenshots.

Now listen to the genuine article, as GTAForums veterans Meta and Pusher weigh in on the finer points of all this information with a unique audio presentation, with a fun visual element. Be sure to watch and chime in we’re eager to hear your thoughts as well.