Edge Release New Screenshots & New Info

Yet another day, yet more screenshots. Edge have released their preview of GTA V which sees us greeted with three new screenshots for GTA fans to analyse. The three new screenshots showcase Trevor and Franklin eluding the authorities and Franklin stealing a car in Los Santos.

The preview also includes some new info which we’ve listed below.

  • “Time will sometimes pass when you switch, allowing Rockstar to subtly nudge the story forward”
  • The camera is “grainy” when pulling up into the Google Earth style view, during switches.
  • “They’ll each stick, broadly speaking, to one area of the map”. [When you’re not controlling them.]
  • The descent when Franklin drops from the Helicopter, that opens the demo, took 3 minutes.
  • “We’re in Red Dead country, then, with the soporific rhythm of hooves on dirt replaced by the whistle of wind through silk, and a new, dynamic score”. [The hooves are probably referring to Red Dead, and not confirmation of horses.]
  • The hotel Michael is leaving during the demo is called Von Crastenburg (I couldn’t remember if the name has been mentioned before, though the hotel part has, but I included it anyway).
  • The ambient score when Franklin descends has a soft-synth reminiscent of something out of the Drive OST.
  • The view of the land is flatter in the radar/mini-map, reminiscent of a GPS (whatever that means), and three colour meters for health, armour and Special are below it (mentioned before as green, blue and yellow respectively).
  • Michael looks like a tough guy, in his walk, but his sprint shows his age.
  • “80’s Soul” heard from one car.
  • Handling is more forgiving, but not “dumbed down”.
  • You’ll only be able to switch characters, when a menu overlay appears in the bottom corner during missions. A lot of the switches in mission are made automatically. There are also text prompts suggesting character switches.
  • During the demo of the Blitz Party mission, Michael, Trevor and Franklin were donning the hockey mask, skull mask and monkey mask (respectively). [Whereas in Michael’s trailer they were wearing gas masks; perhaps a development change, or an idea on the choice we have?]
  • The characters’ turning circle is more like Max Payne’s, and less like Niko’s (so smoother movement).

We’re still working on getting high-resolution versions on the images, but in the mean time, check out the standard resolution versions and share your thoughts over on GTAForums!