New Content and 250+ Fixes for Red Dead Online

New Content and 250+ Fixes for Red Dead Online

Phew, it’s been a bit of crazy day, folks! The hype train started promptly this morning as the community prepared for Red Dead Online’s first content update since December 2019. Having only been announced just a few days ago, players were flocking in excitement before the update finally dropped just after 2pm UK time. We had over 1000 people within

Top 10 Things We Need in Red Dead Online

Top 10 Things We Need in Red Dead Online

We might be a GTA fansite at heart, but personally over the last few months I’ve been a bigger fan of Red Dead Online. I find it to be a very relaxing atmosphere and not as overwhelming to approach as a recently returning player; I’ve got a streak going, I’ve maxed out two of the roles, I rarely get griefed

Triple Bonuses and Free Cash This Week in GTA Online

Triple Bonuses and Free Cash This Week in GTA Online

We’re in for a treat as Rockstar have just announced upscaled bonuses that are sure to fill our wallets this week. The Hunting Pack adversary mode guarantees triple money and triple RP for winners this week, and you’ll be transferred a lovely sum of $1m cash if you complete a total of 10 Daily Objectives before 27th May. But that

Site Updates

Last week, Adriaan briefly mentioned that we added a new GTA IV screenshot gallery, with all the latest high-quality screens. Along with this, we have setup an artwork gallery containing all of the GTA 4 artwork and logos, and also a characters page, detailing the characters we know about so far. These pages will be constantly updated as soon as new information arrives, so be

SA:MP Updates

Here are some new SA:MP screenshots plus a video that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. Enjoy: Make sure you head over to the team’s official website for information on the latest developments. Related Links: SA:MP Official Website, GTAForums

New domain, new design & more

Welcome to GTALibertyCityStories.net First of all, we apologise for the recent downtime – There was a hard drive failure and it had to be replaced to prevent database corruption. If you have visited previously you will notice that we have a brand new design – crafted by Tsuroki and coded by Luke. As far as previews go – French site GameKult added a

Official Site Updates, First Reviews

Rockstar games announced earlier on that some updates have been made to the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox and PC sites. The video section of the PC version site has been updated with two video clips. First first one shows a Hunter helicopter flying around the desert and the second shows off the urban area of Los Santos. Both are quite spectacular visually,

Minor Updates & New Chat Server

With the holiday season having just passed and people still recovering from the parties, it’s a rather slow time for GTA news. There are of course the continuing allegations of San Andreas encouraging violence, but I think we’ve all seen enough of those and there’s no need to post every single one of them. In other news, our chat network has expanded