Snap Saturday: The Trilogy Classics

Snap Saturday: The Trilogy Classics

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead. The rumour mill has been spinning, and as a result, so has the nostalgia mill. They both are spinning so fast lately, that we thought it would probably be a nice idea to go back in time.

GTAForums Spotlight: The Chain Game

GTAForums Spotlight: The Chain Game

Forget your yachts, your special cargo, your adversary modes, there is a small community within GTAForums that has no interest in such folly and is instead committed to 100%ing the 3D era of GTA over and over again, one mission at a time. Introducing: The Chain Game. In a nutshell, The Chain Game is a long-running forum game and it’s

Mods of the Month: June

Welcome to the first issue of Mods of the Month (MOTM). This month we saw the legendary GTA3 mixed back into our copies of San Andreas in the form of a selection of vehicle and plane conversions by andy-luzak. GTA3 Blista by andy-luzakGTA3 BF Injection by andy-luzakGTA3 Helicopter by andy-luzakGTA3 Airtrain (DC-9) by andy-luzak We also saw the latest work

MEd: Map Editor for GTAIII, GTAVC and GTASA

MapEditor is a completely new tool developed to effectively meet every need of a map modder, but in the short space it’s been available MapEditor has had nothing but positive responses from the community. Though still in its early stages, MapEditor is more than capable of manipulating and adding the game world’s object instances stored in IPL files. tonywob, the tool’s

Ray Machowski

Ray Machowski has now been confirmed as a returning character in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Ray, voiced by Robert Loggia, was a corrupt police officer working for the Yakuza gang in GTA3. He is best known for his paranoia. Artwork released by Rockstar earlier in the year suggests that Ray will feature in Liberty City Stories, although nothing has ever

Miguel set to return

Basti, a member of our forum, is reporting that the german Official PSP Magazine contains two brand new Liberty City Stories screenshots. One of the screenshots shows Miguel, a character featured in Grand Theft Auto 3. In GTA3, Miguel was a highly ranked member of the Columbian Cartel. He was killed towards the end of the game after being tortured at

GTA Garage Mod Manager

The GTAGarage and GTATools.com are proud to announce the creation and release of the first GTAGarage program, this program will make the distribution and creation of CAR modifications easier than ever before. The program creates CAR packages for your custom made cars complete with all data needed for installing the car and checks for the need of Dmagic1 wheel mod

GTA3 Core Missions Guide

I came across a copy of the old guide.grandtheftauto3.net on Archive.org and decided that when I have a bit of time I’ll stick it up on GTA3.com. This time has come, and I’ve spent the last hour getting what was left of the GTA3 Core Missions Guide back online. Naturally parts of the site have been lost through all these years, but

Paving the Way to the ‘Big Screen’

It seems that every time a successful GTA game is released, gossip pages start whispering hints and writing articles to their writers about a possible Grand Theft Auto movie. I’m sure you can find news on our older sites GTA3.com and GTAVice.com about the same thing, and it seems Variety Magazine has decided it’s time to write another article about bringing video

Electronic Arts Buys Criterion

After what some might argue are laggy sales, and the closing and/or downsizing of a few development houses, EA Games has plans to acquire Criterion Software- who, as you probably know, are the makers of the Renderware engine used in GTA3, VC, and San Andreas. According to this press release, it is said to be simply a matter of wanting the