Mods of the Month: June

Welcome to the first issue of Mods of the Month (MOTM).

This month we saw the legendary GTA3 mixed back into our copies of San Andreas in the form of a selection of vehicle and plane conversions by andy-luzak.

GTA3 Blista by andy-luzak
GTA3 BF Injection by andy-luzak
GTA3 Helicopter by andy-luzak
GTA3 Airtrain (DC-9) by andy-luzak

We also saw the latest work for San Andreas by Sylvania; up and coming vehicle modder:

Another addition to the database included my own joint work with Sin5k4; a Toyota Celica Supra Mk2 for San Andreas:

Over on the map modding side of the spectrum, new modder l3mmy had his latest offering the form of Rock Island for San Andreas. l3mmy reports the new island to have all-new buildings and interiors; all connected to the main San Andreas map via 5 different locations. Spawn points, pickups and parked vehicles have already been scattered around the new land, and further updates are to come soon. Click below:

Rock Island by l3mmy

Finally we had a new map mod for Vice City’s beaches from [FunGT], as well as two other interesting data file edits; including a car for Vice City that can drive up any wall you happen to drive it into, and a mod to turn the Colt 45 weapon into a health-giving taser for San Andreas. Click the respective images below to see more information:

VC Beach Map by [FunGT]
Spider Car by [FunGT]
Colt 4 Life by [FunGT]

That’s all this month, be sure to check back at the end of next July for our next summary!