GTA-styled game for GBA

Publisher Zoo Digital is planning on releasing a GBA remake of the late Amiga title Payback in Europe this fall. Developed by Apex Designs, Payback is built on a structure borrowed from DMA Design’s (Rockstar North) first two GTA titles. The top-down view is the most recognizable simmilarity, though there are a number of changes. The GBA release of Payback promises to include 10 cities, the ability to hijack

GTA Not On GameCube, Says Nintendo

David Gosen, Managing Director at Nintendo of Europe has confirmed what many critics have been predicting – even with San Andreas creeping around the corner, Nintendo still do not want to introduce Grand Theft Auto to the GameCube. Gosen commented that GTA is a violent game and “a dead-end street”. We all know Nintendo as a colorful game developer, but

Gta scraper temporarily offline

Gta scraper temporarily offline

In case you’re wondering what happend to, they’ve gone over their bandwith limit for the month. Fear not, it will return by the first of the month when their bandwith limit resets, if not before. Let’s hope it comes back as soon as possible, because ElBazo’ has an exellent site with lots of juicy inside info.