Another Jack Thompson Lawsuit

Following a school shooting today in Roseburg, Oregon, Jack Thompson sent out another one of his classic press releases:

Immediate News Release — February 23, 2006

Another Homicide Linked, by a Prosector/District Attorney (!) to Violent Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Video Game. Wrongful Death Action Against Game Companies Expected to Be Filed Soon.

Miami attorney Jack Thompson, who appeared last year twice on CBS’ 60 Minutes to explain a wrongful death action filed by him on behalf of the families of two Alabama policemen and a dispatcher killed by an obsessive teen player of the cop-killing video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, has today been asked to bring another similar action against Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., the maker of the murder simulation game.

The call to Thompson came from a prosecutor who believes the role of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game in the killing is a slam dunk. The prosecutor has the video game materials, which will be turned over to Thompson, and they all point to the crucial and clear role of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the killing.

Thompson has been asked by this prosecutor to work with a top-notch plaintiffs’ personal injury in another state in order to secure compensation for the surviving family members. Thompson has agreed.

Look for more wrongful death suits like this to be filed, as Take-Two’s pigeons are all now coming home to roost. Thompson has repeatedly warned Take-Two that such copycat murders were occurring and that more would occur. Thompson has retained copies of those warning letters, all of which were sent prior to the above-noted killing.

Contact Jack Thompson for more information at [phone number removed].

PS: A word of warning to Take-Two’s lawyers and lobbyists, Blank Rome of Philadelphia: Get your fees up front.

Now, normally, press releases from Jack aren’t really newsworthy, as he often sends out a dozen a day. What makes this one special, however, is that the shooting victim is still alive. Yep. You read that right. Jack is planning a wrongful death suit against Take Two when there was no death. Nor has there been any word in the news or from any officials about any link to GTA or other games whatsoever.

More info on the actual shooting can be had here. And keep an eye on for any twists to the alleged video game angle.