GTA Custom Soundtrack Loader

The “Rockstar Custom Tracks Converter” is now available for download at IGN, which enables you to convert purchased music to a format compatible with your PSP system.

This system is a lot different from previous Grand Theft Auto games, in that it limits the music you can use to purchased music only. In order for you to use this converter you must have purchased the CD from a store. This limitation also prevents you from using music legally purchased over the internet using services such as iTunes.

This tool does however, force you to make a choice. There’s no mixture between radio stations and custom tracks, it’s one or the other with no middle option. It’s also worth noting that you must have at least one save file from the game before you can use this.

Based on the tool’s official name: “The Rockstar Custom Tracks Converter”, speculation may suggest that this will not only be used for Liberty City Stories but for future games from Rockstar too.

Download it here

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