GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Officially Announced!

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Officially Announced!

This month marks a special time for the Grand Theft Auto series; GTA III, the first 3D title of the franchise, reaches its 20th birthday on 22nd October. What better way to celebrate two decades of this megalodon of the open-world genre? A remaster, or three, of course! Rockstar today announced that the 3D era games, GTA III, GTA Vice

World Exclusive GTA IV Preview in GamesTM

The August issue of GamesTM¬†(a multi-format games magazine based in the UK) contains a world exclusive first look at the new gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV. Here’s a brief run-down on some of the new stuff mentioned: The demo begins in Grand Theft Auto IV’s equivalent of Times Square: Star Junction. There aren’t many pedestrians present at this time, but this

Screenshots Too?

SPOnG have been in touch with Rockstar and say they were promised that the trailer will “not be one of those annoyingly short teasers”, but instead will be the first substantial look into what GTA IV is all about. Interestingly though, they also claimed they will be recieving a bunch of new screenshots from the game which will be shown on the SPOnG

GTA IV Trailer, More Than a Teaser

Since the countdown to the trailer has begun, there has been much debate and worrying around the internets as to whether it would just be a brief teaser containing only a few glances of the game. According to this article posted at GamesRadar.com yesterday, it will be anything but. “The official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV is only a few days

“Things will be different”

This is what it says at the bottom of an email sent out to subscribers today. So just how different is GTA IV going to be? More different than we expected perhaps? It looks like R* are really trying to emphasise it… Discuss. (NB: To subscribe to the GTA mailing list click here, or send a blank email to [email protected])

Soundtrack Teaser on Official Site

The official site has just been updated with a soundtrack tuner, a teaser for the official track listing being revealed on Monday, 18th of October. Available to listen are 10 radio stations. Master Sounds (soul, groove and funk) Playback (hip hop) Bounce FM (funk) K-DST (rock and roll) K-Jah Radio West (dancehall, reggae and dub) CSR (modern soul) Radio:X (modern rock) K-Rose (country and