Welcome to the Los Santos Summer Special – Sit Back and Relax

Yesterday, the Los Santos Summer Special update for GTA Online was released, and boy oh boy if the hype isn’t through the roof with the quality of life improvements, among other new additions and features.

New vehicles, new missions, new adversary modes within the Diamond Casino & Resort, and a lot of hype on our forums as we ran a Shark Card giveaway for those who correctly guessed the update time, size, along with some GTANet trivia questions!

Over fifteen new vehicles were the star of this update, such as the Invetero Coquette D10 pictured above by our GTAForums member Pedinhuh, the Lampadati Tigon, Declasse DR1 open wheel vehicle, Vapid Peyote Custom, and many others that made some muscle car fans drool until they drowned…

The Superyacht finally got an use, with Captain Brendan Darcy jumping with joy he finally has someone helping him out with errands – six new co-op missions were added, that can be done solo, and award you a Captain outfit once completed. Enjoy double rewards on those missions until 19th Aug.

For those who haven’t gotten enough of the need for speed, there are nine new open-wheel races along with the oft-requested open-wheel Race Creator! Over sixty new props, race track archways, pitstops, paddocks, and more! Those who are F1 fans may have also noticed that the start countdown now closely matches the one we see in real life, with the race starting after a random period of 1 to 4 seconds after the lights go out.

Some anti-griefing measures have also been taken, such as ghosting vehicles when they’re driving the wrong way.

Here’s a list of the main things that this Summer’s update has to offer to criminals of Los Santos:

  • New Business Battles;
  • New Adversary Series within the Diamond Casino & Resort’s premises;
  • QUB3D from GTA IV is back! You can purchase it as a game for your arcade;
  • Solomon’s office has been ransacked and you’re hired to find all of his lost things around the map! (psst, spoiler alert, we already have the locations);
  • New random events such as drug deals;
  • A host of new clothing and clothing art, such as GTA universe brands.

Obviously that this Summer Special couldn’t come without some greatly requested quality of life improvements!

  • Players can now return Personal Vehicles to their garage by just doing so via the interaction menu > Vehicles;
  • The property cap has been increased to eight! Two more properties for the rich people of Los Santos;
  • Race mechanics have been changed – you can no longer mash the accelerator to try and get that boost when it’s Go time. You may only boost by pressing the accelerator once Go is on-screen;
  • Additional Pegasus locations have been added! No more travelling 50 miles to get that Titan;
  • A timer has been added to the Diamond Casino & Resort’s lucky wheel, so you know when you can spin again.

Many, many more improvements and info can be found over on the Rockstar Newswire and Rockstar Support’s patch article.

Can we also drool all over that amazing art?

Once again we’ve been reminded about GTA Online’s biggest update ever, coming later this year, so let’s be on the look-out for that too, shall we? 😉