Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Playstation 5

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Playstation 5

That’s right. We didn’t miss an “I” after the “V” or anything. During this evening’s hotly anticipated PS5 reveal, the showcase started off with a banger to announce that the Sony and Rockstar Games partnership is stronger than ever and will continue into the next-generation of consoles. The announcement trailer doesn’t feature any new footage and utilises a combo of

GTAV Trailers Michael, Franklin, Trevor

They’re here! Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor – the three main playable characters in GTAV. View the trailers below, which feature actual  game play throughout captured on PlayStation 3. Michael: Song used: Queen – Radio Gaga Franklin: Song used: Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar – Hood Gone Luv It Trevor: Song used: Waylon Jennings – Are You Sure Hank Done It this Way Also

Multiple New Trailers Coming April 30

Rockstar has just announced not just one, but three new trailers for next Tuesday, April 30th. They’re titled “Michael.” “Franklin.” and of course, “Trevor.” So it’s most likely we’ll be getting a trailer focusing on each of the playable characters. If released individually, the new trailers could potentially be shorter than the previous trailers, but combined we’re likely to see a good

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2

With a year since the release of the first trailer to Grand Theft Auto V, the second trailer is finally here! The song used in the trailer is Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons”. Discuss at GTA Forums.

GTAV Trailer 2 Delayed

Update, November 5th: Rockstar Games commented today that they’ll have an update on the second trailer this week: We’re also making available the newest official artwork from the game that was featured in last week’s announcement. Grab “Beach Weather” from the Rockstar Downloads page and look for much, much more to be revealed – including the Game Informer cover story later this week as well as an

Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer 2 Coming June 28th

This just in, the second trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV will be releasing on Thursday June 28th. The title is “Looking for that special someone”. Check out the new artwork below… Related: Official GTA IV Website, GTAForumsUnrelated: Fan Edit of First Trailer

GTA IV Fan Video ‘GTAQATSI’ Released

Right now as far as GTA IV news updates goes, we’re going through a real “calm before the storm”. Stay tuned though, the next magazine preview that we know of will come from OPM that goes on sale next week, May 2nd, in the United Kingdom. To keep us busy until then, Jordan from our partner site, PlanetGTA, released yet another Grand

GTA IV set in 2006 or beyond?

While vehicles in the first trailer for GTA IV suggests a time period of around ~2005, PatrickW on our forums pointed out something very interesting. One of the notable landmarks that can be seen in the trailer is the Hearst Tower, which in real life is located at West 57th Street on Eighth Avenue to the south of Central Park. As PatrickW