Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Playstation 5

That’s right. We didn’t miss an “I” after the “V” or anything.

During this evening’s hotly anticipated PS5 reveal, the showcase started off with a banger to announce that the Sony and Rockstar Games partnership is stronger than ever and will continue into the next-generation of consoles.

The announcement trailer doesn’t feature any new footage and utilises a combo of GTAV and GTAO trailers from the past few years, but the game is slated to be “expanded and enhanced” and will launch in 2021.

A breakdown of the info offered on the new version from the PS5 reveal show is as follows:

  • Launches in the second half of 2021
  • Technical improvements
  • Visual upgrades
  • Performance enhancements
  • More beautiful and more responsive than ever
  • New GTA Online content exclusive to next-generation consoles
  • A standalone GTA Online release
  • The standalone GTA Online release will be free exclusively to PS5 players for first 3 months
  • Current PS+ players on PS4 will receive $1million free cash each month they play GTA Online until it launches on the PS5

The Rockstar Newswire article promises to share more information on the new versions in the “months ahead” and we’ll be sure to faithfully cover it all here on

It truly is a baffling feat that GTAV will release across 4 generations (including PC) since 2013. Could we see it break even more records going forward? What are your thoughts? We certainly can’t wait to see what the new hardware has in store for Los Santos and Blaine County; better make some room on those shelves for your new copies!

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