Shoot That Poison Arrow: Daily Challenge Week in Red Dead Online

As many of us log into Red Dead Online for a Daily Challenge or two to bolster our income or keep a streak going, this week we can look forward to some extra rewards in our lockbox.

  • 3 Daily Challenges = 10 poison arrows (for those silent but deadly kills)
  • 6 Daily Challenges = 4 collector’s coins (a whole collection is worth $540)
  • 10 Daily Challenges = a treasure map (which usually bring you around $100 and a bar of gold)

In addition, for our daily efforts, we’ve got the following discounts on the frontier:

  • 30% discount off all of Madam Nazar’s catalogue
  • 40% discount off camp upgrades, camp equipment and doggos
  • 50% discount off Tier 3 Ability Card upgrades
  • 35% discount off all Pistols
  • Collector’s bag investment reduced to 10 gold bars

I think I’ll be working towards the Fast Travel Post myself!

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