Trailer drops for GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Following on from last Friday’s announcement, today Rockstar treated us to a 30 second preview trailer and official artwork of the upcoming San Andreas Mercenaries update, arriving on all platforms on 13th June.

The explosive trailer has certainly whet the appetites of aircraft fans; it features what appears to be a weaponized Buckingham Conada, the interior and weapon capabilities of the new F-35-inspired fighter jet, new storage space for your jetpack on the Avenger, and a looksee at the fire-rate of the new Tactical SMG – there’s even the potential introduction of a Maibatsu urban legend taking center-stage on the artwork. With lots more bits and bobs to see, analysis is going down on GTAForums as we speak – join us!

The trailer also arrives with a tease from Rockstar that even more info will be dropping later this week regarding the Quality of Life changes coming to GTA Online, so keep your eyes peeled on GTANet for the reveal.

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