Red Dead Online Blood Money Trailer + Info Blowout

As announced yesterday, in preparation for Red Dead Online’s summer update Blood Money, we’ve been treated to a trailer and informational blow out from Rockstar! There is a lot to take in at the moment, so we’ve summarised everything important you need to know from the Newswire below.

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Blood Money

Red Dead Online’s summer update, Blood Money, releases Tuesday 13th July!

  • You’ll work for Guido Martelli, right-hand man and underboss for Saint Denis crimelord Angelo Bronte
  • Martelli is responsible for recouping certain valuables for Bronte, such as gems and private bonds, collectively known as Capitale
  • You’ll work to take back Capitale and return it to Martelli in the form of new mission based objectives called Crimes
  • Crimes can be completed alone or with a posse, and involve robberies, hold-ups, kidnapping and debt collecting
  • Reaching a certain amount of Capitale will open up Opportunities from Martelli; these are heist-like missions with the intent of taking down a politician who is disrupting Angelo Bronte’s influence and business
  • There are three Opportunities to be released, the first of which will open with the Blood Money update next week; a further two are to be revealed by Rockstar at a later date

As an extra bonus, if you’re wondering what the beautiful song in the trailer is, it comes from Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, who revealed themselves as the writer, musician and singer of “Letter from Bluewater Man”, which will feature in some form in Blood Money.

The Quick Draw Club

In addition to Blood Money, Rockstar announced the Quick Draw Club!

  • Outlaw Pass style venture
  • “Quick” release and expiration
  • QDC pass costs 25 Gold Bars
  • There are 25 Levels to complete
  • There will be 4 QDC passes released over the coming months with release dates already announced
  • Completing all 4 passes will earn you the Halloween Pass 2 for free
  • Earn all of your Gold Bars back as you progress through the levels
  • Rewards such as all new weapons, hats and clothing, including Dutch’s Redcliff outfit
  • Quick Draw Club Pass No.1 = July 13th – August 9th
  • Quick Draw Club Pass No.2 = August 10th – September 6th
  • Quick Draw Club Pass No.3 = September 7th – October 4th
  • Quick Draw Club Pass No.4 = October 5th – October 27th

And that’s not all, folks!

Rockstar have been reading player feedback and in response, they will also be bringing back skill and satchel pamphlets from previous Outlaw Passes, as well as popular clothing items such as Arthur and John’s outfits! These are to be released over the “coming weeks and months” so are likely to be slow-burn content updates as each Quick Draw Club pass is unlocked.

For the PC community out there, as part of next week’s update we will also see the release of DLSS support for NVIDIA graphics cards users. Even more sparkly and shiny screenshots incoming!

We’re definitely impressed with the Blood Money reveal; from the quality trailer, awesome artwork and that sweet sweet roadmap. The upcoming content and new style pass has already received a lot of positive feedback, so we have high hopes for the rest of 2021. Once again, join us in the community on GTAForums as we get ready for next week!